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Statutory Information & Policies

Please use the links below to view our School Policies. Paper copies are available by request from the school office.
Pathfinder Schools' statutory information, including governing body information for the trust and funding agreements may be found by clicking this link which will take you to the Pathfinder Schools website.

Contact details

Information is available on our contact page via this link


Places at Hawthorn CP School are allocated by North Northamptonshire County Council. All information and oversubscription criteria are detailed in the Pathfinder Schools admission policy below, this also details the oversubscription criteria in appendix 8.

Please follow the links below to request an in year school place or to apply for a new Reception or Secondary school place or if your child has special educational needs or disabilities:

The application process closed on January 15th 2023.
Follow the link above for information on how to make a late application.

The application process closed on October 31st 2022.
Follow the link above for information on how to make a late application.

Appeals Process

If you have applied and been refused a place at our school (in any year group), you are entitled to appeal against that decision.

Appeals for Hawthorn Community Primary School are administered by Northamptonshire County Council Admissions Team. For more information on the process please see: Appeal a school place | North Northamptonshire Council (


Our latest Ofsted report can be found through this link

Parent View is available here or by clicking on the image

KS2 outcomes

Please see below for KS2 outcomes year 2021-2022.

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard







Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling












Previous KS2 results are published on the Department for Education website here

School Curriculum

The school aims to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum within the context of compliance to the National Curriculum (for children aged 5- 11 years) and the Early Years Foundation Stage for children aged 3-5 years. More detailed information can be found here.  

Pupil Behaviour

At Hawthorn Community Primary School, we aim to create a consistent, calm, caring, safe environment in which children can work towards achieving their full potential. Every member of staff in school has a duty of care towards the children, regardless of their job role. Our Behaviour for Learning Policy is available on our Behaviour and Antibullying page for parents

Behaviour at Hawthorn Community Primary School

What our children say:

Our school is filled with kindness and hard-working children. We enjoy our days at school and everyone has fun together. We like seeing our friends in the kind environment created at Hawthorn. Our adults listen to us and give us choices, and they have conversations with us when things go wrong. We always have someone to talk to. We like coming to school as our teachers are nice and we like learning and playing together. We have lots of different lessons and there is always something fun that we are being asked to do.

Written by the children collectively from Years 1-6, July 2022.

Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions

Any serious or violent behaviour towards a child or an adult will result in parents being informed and either an internal suspension (this will take place in school with the child being removed from class, or at another school in the Trust for a fixed period of time), a fixed term suspension (where the child will spend the suspension period at home) or on rare occasions of persistent violent outbursts, permanent exclusion. Should there be a need to suspend a child, this takes place the day of, or after, the offence and it is the parent’s duty to make arrangements for their child. Parents will receive a letter outlining the details and reasons for the suspension. The LEA and DFE will also be notified. See Behaviour for Learning Policy for more detailed information. 

Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

Detailed statements of the school's Pupil Premium and Sports Premium are available to download from below. 

Special Educational Needs

Our school policies and further information regarding our Inclusion provision is available here.

Charging policy

The Trust's policy can be found below.

School ethos, aims and values

‘Cultivating the futures of our children’

Vision Statement:

Hawthorn cultivates the futures of our children by providing them with the skills needed for their role in the wider world. We recognise, celebrate and nurture the strengths and talents of all members of our school community.

Aims and Values:

We inspire children to express their CREATIVITY in all areas of learning and in their wider school experiences.

We develop children’s RESILIENCE in challenges that they may face.

RESPECT underpins every aspect of our school life and beyond.

We promote THOUGHTFULNESS in all that we do.

Encouraging TEAMWORK enables our children to become well-rounded citizens in preparation for their future lives.

We empower our children to have a greater understanding of their role in class, school and wider COMMUNITY.

Our School Rules:

Be Kind

Work Hard

Stay Safe