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At Hawthorn, we aim for children to see how science contributes to the real world. We want our learners to see science as a way of investigating to solve problems to better our world and the lives of people in it. We aim for children to leave with a life-long appreciation of the beauty and splendour of our planet and with an understanding of the need to care for it and respect it.
In science at Hawthorn, children will engage their curiosity and creativity to question and wonder at the world. They will systematically acquire a scientific body of knowledge, (as outlined in the National Curriculum) about the world around them through collaborating in practical investigations and first-hand observations, in both the classroom and in the great outdoors. Children’s knowledge, skills and vocabulary will develop progressively throughout the school so that they are equipped to understand the uses and implications of science today and for the future.
Please see below for a detailed breakdown of Science in our school.