School Council

The school council represents the views of all the pupils within school and help to suggest ideas for improvements. Each class elects two members for the school council.

Last year the school council worked hard as a team to help our school to develop further:

  • Our playground had now received lovely new markings
  • As a school council we looked at the schools rules and have now developed our new BERRIES
  • We raised £230 during the year which we have spent on house point prizes for the other children.
  • We have talked about the new benches that we are going to buy in the playground

This year we will be:

  • looking at how we can raise money for different charities
  • looking at how we can improve facilities for children further on the playground
  • continuing to improve the house point prizes and rewards systems in school


School council members 2017-18:

Oaks – Godfrey and Laila

Cedars – Cameron and Monique

Maples – Angel and Raheema

Redwoods – Sydney and Toby

Silver Birches – Iris and Joe

Willows – Abigail and Matthew

Rowans – Charlotte and Reuben