“Attendance Matters”

As a school we aim to ensure that all children achieve the best they can.

We have produced a guide for Parents and Carers which is available to download below.

Hawthorn's full Attendance Policy is available to download here, this is an excerpt from the policy: 

Parents(s)/Carers' Responsibilities

Parents have a legal duty to ensure the regular and full time attendance at school of registered pupils (Education Act 2005). This policy is based on the law and on Best Practice guidance produced by the Department for Education and Skills and the Local Authority.  The Education Entitlement Service (Northamptonshire) aims to work with schools and families to promote good attendance and avoid legal action.  However in some cases, parents are prosecuted (taken to court) or have to pay a Fixed Penalty (fine) if unauthorised absences continue.

We value your support in helping us to maintain high standards.

In order to maintain good attendance at Hawthorn Community Primary School we request that:

  • Parents should ensure that if their child is to be absent from school for any unavoidable reason such as sickness they should contact the school on the first day of absence. This may be done by phone – 01536 512204, by leaving a message on the school mobile number – 07807 941646, by letter or in person.


  • Parents should ensure they contact the school if a circumstance has arisen that will affect their child’s attendance.


  • Parents may not authorise their child's absence - only the school can do this on the basis of the explanation provided by the parent (Should parents fail to provide a satisfactory reason for their child's absence the school will record such absence as unauthorised.)


  • Parents should ensure that their child arrives at school in time for the start of registration at 8.50a.m.


  • If a child arrives after 8.50 a.m. but before 9.15 a.m. the child should report to the school office. If the register has already been completed the register will be amended.


  • If a child arrives at school later than 9.15 a.m. (after the registers close) they should report directly to the school office where the child’s name will be recorded in the late arrivals record book.


  • Parents should avoid booking medical/dental appointments during school time unless unavoidable.


  • The school is unable to authorise any holiday taken during school time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents are discouraged from taking holidays during term-time.  A Request for Leave of Absence from School in Exceptional Circumstances Form obtainable from the school office must be completed and returned to the school office in advance of the period for which leave is to be requested. Parents will then be informed of the response to the request by post. Absence taken and not authorised could be liable for a Fixed Penalty fine, currently £60 if the absence is referred to the Education Entitlement Service.