Our Staff

Leadership team

                                                    Curriculum responsibility
Headteacher          Mrs Julie Clubley                   

Deputy Headteacher

         Mrs Catherine Billingham        Phonics                                        



Middle Leaders


Maths Leader

                               Mrs Jayne Tinto

Reading and Curriculum Leader

                               Miss Liz Blakeley

Writing Leader

                               Mrs Hilary Hill

SENDCo and Inclusion Leader

                               Miss Frances York                                   

Class teachers

EYFS and KS1

Class Teacher     Year group      Curriculum responsibility
Cherries Miss R. Shipley        Reception     Modern Foreign languages (MFL)
  Mrs S. Syree       Educational Offsite Visits
Apples Miss H. Greener        Reception     Computing
Ash Miss R. Morris         Year 1 & 2     Music, RE
Bay Miss G. Barr        Year 1 & 2      Art and Design
Elm Mrs H. Hill        Year 1 & 2     English - Writing



Willows Miss E. Cooke Year 3 & 4    PE
Silver Birches Ms T. Butler Year 3 & 4    Geography
  Mrs S. Park      Science
Redwoods Miss S. Campbell Year 3 & 4    Supply cover
Maples Mrs K. Corney Year 5 & 6  
  Miss S. Webster    
Cedars Miss L. Blakeley Year 5 & 6    English - Reading and Curriculum
Oaks Mrs J. Tinto Year 5 & 6    Maths and PSHE

Administration and Extended Schools

Mrs J. Marshall School Business Manager
Mrs J. Aitken Office Manager
Mrs J. O'Key Breakfast, After School and Holiday Playscheme leader
Mr S. Clubley Site Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J. Bajwa, Miss L. Bell, Miss N. Brudenell, Mrs L. Chumbley, Mrs R. Coppa,       Mrs A. Field, Miss A Godwin, Mrs E. Jones, Mrs R. King, Mrs E. Michael,            Miss. A Old, Mrs L. Prior, Miss N. Wylie.

Learning Support Staff

SEN Support

 Mrs R. Coppa, Mrs R. King, Miss A. Old.

TA (Teaching Assistant)

 Miss L. Bell, Mrs E. Brown, Mrs L. Chumbley, Miss E. Cotter, Mrs J. Dillon,             Mrs L. Jones, Mrs S. Oakes, Mrs J. O'Key, Mrs L.Prior, Mrs J. Rodwell,                   Mrs K. Wootton, Miss N. Wylie.

 Miss A. Brown       - Well Being and Parent Support Worker
 Mrs H. Izzard        - IT assistant (PPA cover)

 Finding Fitness      - PE (PPA cover)