Maths 99 Club

The 99 Club is a great way for children to improve their mental maths skills, particularly their recall of multiplication and division facts. Children start in Year 1 with the 11 Club in which they practise doubling up to 10. When they get all 11 questions correct in the 11 club they will move on to the 22 club, then the 33 club etc. Children can therefore move through the clubs at their own pace. The club goes up to the 99 club in which children have to answer 99 multiplication and division questions correctly. The children are given 5 minutes to complete each grid before moving on.

The children are also enjoying trying to complete the fastest time and having a gentle competition with their peers to see who can appear on the school leaderboard.

The 99 club can be completed in under 2 minutes. Can you beat this?

You will find the different club pages below for children (and adults!) to practise with at home if they want to.