Isle of Wight Information

Is your child vaccinated against tetanus?*
I am happy for my child to be photographed whilst on this trip*

You would always be contacted if we were concerned about your child's health. However, the school will be taking the following medicines in the first aid kit. Please indicate below to give your consent to your child being given the following medicines at the stated, age appropriate dosage, without prior consultation if felt necessary by the group leader. (All medicines given will be recorded and reported to you upon your child's return)

Savlon cream
Suntan Lotion
After Sun Lotion
Are you happy for your child to paddle in the sea? (Knee depth only - no swimming)*
I understand that if my child displays unacceptable behaviour that could put themselves or other members of the party at risk, then they may be excluded from the rest of the residential and parents may be asked to collect their child from the hotel.*