Cycling to and from school - Years 5 and 6

Select one of the following*

If you wish your child to cycle to and from school please read the following instructions carefully and sign to indicate your agreement below:

As a school, we believe in the benefits of exercise and will never discourage pupils from cycling. However, as you will appreciate, our main priority is the safety of all our pupils. We therefore strongly recommend that, the basic guidance given below is followed:

1. Bikes MUST NOT be ridden at anytime, anywhere on the school site. Children MUST dismount before entering the school grounds and walk their bike to the cycle park at the KS2 entrance to the school building.

2. Bikes should be locked up using a suitable lock provided by parents. Bikes are on the school grounds at owner’s risk – we are unable to accept responsibility for theft or damage.

3. Cyclists must obey the Highway Code and act in a sensible manner at all times, both to and from school. Cyclists must not give ‘lifts’ pillion-style to anyone.

4. Bike helmets are to be worn. (Properly-worn, approved bike helmets have been shown to dramatically reduce serious head injuries)

5. Bikes brought to school should be in full working order.

Please note that if a child does not follow the above guidance, permission to bring a bicycle into the school grounds may be withdrawn.

I have read and agree with the instructions above and have spoken to my child about these rules.*