Permission Form


Photographs – School. Please indicate if you agree or disagree to give permission to the ways that digital images / digital videos and photography are recorded or displayed:

A: Children’s online Learning Journey in EYFS (these are password protected and parents can only access their own child’s learning journey)*
B: Other internal school daily learning activities*
C: School display boards and children's books*
D: Weekly newsletter (posted on website)*
E: School website*
F: School Twitter feed*
G: Other school promotional activities (eg publicising school awards/achievements). Publicity material will not identify the children by name.*
H: Newspapers – as a large group with names (names may appear alongside the photograph usually in alphabetical order)*
I: Newspaper – as part of a small group or individually (full name appearing)*
J: Used by outside providers visiting the school (e.g Mad Science) for their promotional purposes*
K: Used by outside providers on school trips (e.g. day trips, residential) for their promotional purposes*
L: Any images used on the website, brochures, leaflets or displays may remain on these medias for up to 2 years after your child has left the school.*
Photographs – Personal. Capturing special moments of your child growing up is precious to all families. We feel it is important that you do have the opportunity to record these special memories especially during occasions and events at school. Permission is only given to photograph your own child at these events.*
However, we also have a responsibility to protect the children from having photographs of them being used inappropriately. Therefore, we require parents/carers to confirm that any photographs taken will only be for family use. If inadvertently there are other children in the photograph you must not put these on any social media sites.*


Copyright. Your child’s work may be used for curriculum purposes, displays, newsletters and the school website. We need your permission for your child’s work to be used.*
Internet Access. During the course of your child’s time in school, they will frequently have the opportunity to use the internet. This is closely supervised to prevent access to inappropriate sites. Children will be introduced to the school rules for internet use and will be taught internet safety skills. I accept that ultimately the school cannot be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed through the Internet and therefore accept responsibility, along with the school, for setting and conveying standards for children to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information and media, and acknowledge that they will be deemed to be accountable for their own actions. Please give your permission to allow your child to use the internet.*
Sex and Relationship Education. Your child will occasionally take part in age-appropriate sex and relationship education lessons with their class teacher. We need your permission to allow your child to take part in these lessons. Information about the lessons will be sent to you in advance of their taking place, and the SRE policy is available on the school website.*
Emergency First Aid. We need your permission for any member of Hawthorn Primary School to administer any necessary advice or treatment. This includes basic first aid measure and/or calling of emergency services if deemed necessary whilst in care of the school. The school has a number of staff fully trained in First Aid and all staff have basic First Aid training which is updated regularly.*
Data Sharing. From time to time, information regarding your child’s progress and work need to be passed on to other schools or the local authority. For example: • SATS results, end of KS1 results and Foundation Stage assessment data • Research for lesson study projects working with other schools • School Census data • Transition to other schools – test results, and the information held on file for each child We need your permission to share this data.*
Risk Assessed. Visits Sometimes, your child will participate in out-of-school activities during the school day including swimming and attending sports events within the Multi Academy Trust, and walks around the local area to visit churches, industrial or commercial organisations or other out of school activity designated as part of the curriculum. It could be looking at the changing seasons, a traffic survey, making maps or many more activities. This may include travelling by coach or being driven by a member of staff in a minibus or car for any activity organised by the school. We need your permission to allow your child to participate in these activities. Please Note: Additional permission will be sought for trips/visits which take place outside the local area via a letter at the appropriate time.*
Food Tasting Throughout the school year, children are given the opportunity to taste and handle various foods. We need your permission to allow your child to participate. Please notify us of any allergies that your child may have in the space below.*
Films. Occasionally, there may be a time where we would like the children to watch a PG film as part of their learning or for a special event. We need your permission for your child to watch a PG rated film.*
Spelling Shed: (relevant when your child is in years 1 – 6). Spelling Shed helps children practise spelling via a simple game with 4 different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes. Scores achieved give a league position within the class, school and the world league. Your child will be entered onto a database including the following information name, username, password. The Spelling Shed does not share any personal information and the full privacy policy can be accessed at I give consent for my child’s personal information to be entered into the Spelling Shed system and stored.*
As the legal parent / carer of the child named on this form, I hereby declare that the information I have submitted is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I am able to withdraw consent at any time for any of these permissions and agreements by putting this in writing.*